Monthly Archives: February 2006

SM <3s Two Gallants

I got Waves by Two Gallants in my iTunes the other day via Fred’s Podcast

I love these guys.

Check out their official site
and myspace page

to give them a listen

Pretentious Street Art

I’m kind of sad that I missed Postsecret when it was in Georgetown (but, thank god, I have thier blog to keep me occupied in the meantime).

To replace Postsecret is WallSnatchers:

“Showcasing graffiti and street art from Boston, Florida, New York, and Washington DC. Curated by Kelly Towles. Featuring: Bask, Eon, Faile, fi5e, Mister Never, Nick Z, and Tes One.”

Location: 3307 M Street, Georgetown
Washington, DC 20007

Test Icicles Are No Longer BFF

I have to admit that I’m a little sad about this news…the Test Icicles were one of my favorite new bands. Though, I guess with a name like that, what’s one to expect?

Pitchfork has posted their official statement on their site.

RIP guys.

SM in SD

SD highlights via my flickr page

Curlers are NOT athletes

I generally don’t get that excited about the Olympics for a wide variety of very interesting reasons:

1) I rarely watch TV..and when I do, its usually at a friend’s house. Keeping up with the Olympics entails hours upon hours of television watching…no thank you.

2) So many of the sports are so boring

3) Athletes generally bore me

4) Figure skating like cheerleading is not a sport.

In either case…somewhere b/w IAD and SD…I caught highlights from this past week’s curling competition. These people that sportscasters like to call athletes didn’t even break a sweat.

Is it fair to equate this:
with this?
or even this?

I think not.

Going to California (well, kinda)

There’s something about California that makes me want to listen to

zeppelin while watching sunsets at seal beach