Agora II

I’ve been seeing signs all over Willamsburg for Agora II – like most things New York, the fliers are obscure, intriguing and vague. Unfortunately, it’s rained every Saturday for the past several weeks. I’m hoping to check it out (weather permitting) in the next week or so.

From the main site:
“Inspired by the “agora,” the center of town or marketplace in ancient Greece, AGORA II investigates the role of public space in contemporary urban life. Performed beyond the theater walls, this work challenges the interactionss between public space, performance and audience. AGORA II is a continuation of the site-specific piece AGORA originally created and directed by Noémie Lafrance in 2005 in the abandoned McCarren Park pool in Brooklyn. It further explores treatments of the pool site combined with ideas of collectivity. Expressed as one large breath, AGORA II layers strokes of audience interactions around a core group of characters and cameo appearances by guest artists, creating a grand tableau – a city slice – a social experiment…”

Intrigued?? Check out this video.

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