Cool and Crazy Right Down the Street….

In the midst of running errands today, I managed to find time to pop into Cool and Crazy – a record store within relatively close proximity to my apartment. The store itself seems a bit out of place, but once you walk in, you’re greeted by a musty yet pleasant atmosphere. Cool and Crazy, owned by Tim Warren – who many may know for his work in the 80’s cult-garage genre – is exactly the type of store you expect to be in Brooklyn, offering a very diverse mix of several very specific genres. Tim, a master of so many genres of American music from decades past (50’s and 60’s primarily) helped me pick out some pretty stellar R&B collections. The guy’s great, quirky and so very knowledgeable. Oh, and they have an open listening policy and really comfy couch.

Check it out: 72 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11206

Makes me want to listen to Nina Simone and watch Ray

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