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I just watched the 300 trailer – which I believe just came out today, though I could be mistaken.

In addition to being one of the most visually stimulating trailers that I’ve seen all year (second only to The Fountain and The Science of Sleep) – the graphic novel from which it is based is excellent as well. I love the use of color – which reminds me of a less comicbookesque Sin City.

More screengrabs below:

Celebrity Sighting #4

One of the things that attracted me to NYC wasn’t the brutal winters, or paying excessive amounts of money in rent or even the opportunity to ride one of the world’s dirtiest subways every day – it was the possibility of running into celebrities at the grocery store, on my way to work and, dare I say it, at the bar. I’ve had a number of sightings during the past several months:

Who: Elijah Wood
Where: Sin-e
When: Sometime in mid-October

The Deets: It involved dancing, giggling, gawking and chatting w/ his very cute pixie haired girlfriend (??)

Who: Big (AKA Chris Noth)
Where: Union Square, Filming of Law and Order
When: About two weeks ago
The Deets: Walking to the office, listening to Bela Fleck, through Union Square as usual. There was, however, an unusally large crowd behind a huge white screen – I had to stand on my tip toes and grab the shoulder of a stranger, but I managed to catch a glimpse. He is surprisingly much taller (and better looking) than on TV. Interestingly enough, I’ve just recently become obsessed with Law and Order – I’m making my way through SVU and then onto CI.

Who: Michael Pitt (III)
Where: Cabanas
When: Friday, November 10th
The Deets: After very nice dinner at Spice Market (beautiful decor, decent service, so-so food), I went to Cabanas for post-meal apertif. While at the bar ordering drinks, I was alerted that Michael Pitt was no more than four feet away from me. Earlier in the night, we had just watched the very terrible, yet disturbingly sexy masterpiece, The Dreamers. Strange, but 100% true.


Who: Chris Kattan
Where: In front of 900 Broadway
When: Wednesday, November 22nd
The Deets: While outside having a mid-morning cigarette, he was walking down the street. Alone. Kind of bobbing his head to imaginary music

God, I love New York.