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Anytime to be NoTime?

Just read in the Gothamist that rumors are afloat that Anytime might be on its way out.  I’ve never actually eaten there and have stayed away based on the reviews in Free Williamsburg.

Can anyone confirm?

Several Reasons Why I Dislike (and only dislike because limiting the use of the word ‘hate’ was my New Year’s resolution) St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…what do you have against the Irish and drinking (who doesn’t like potatoes and beer)? I also know that you’re probably thinking that St. Patrick’s Day wrapped up two blurry days ago, and why am I harping on it. But that’s precisely it – it bothers me that much, I’m still thinking about it.

If I were Irish St. Patrick’s Day would offend me. Plain and simple. Unless I found myself in a good Irish province celebrating the holy holiday with lost, freckled, good-looking cousins with a rogue, I would be utterly offended by St. Patrick’s Day because I would view it as an overly Americanized, bastardized holiday which exists only to rid the country of its surplus cabbage and help boost the economy by giving underaged college students one day of the year that no bartender would rightfully card them, because who goes out drinking all day on a Monday anyway?

Without further ado:

  • Green – Not every one looks good in green, not everyone should wear green and parading around metro areas covered head to toe in green paint makes you neither cool nor Irish.
  • Four Leaf Clovers – What an insignificant symbol to represent a a very significant culture. If you’re going to pick a trivial symbol to represent a widely celebrated culture, why not pick something better? Wildabeast? Unicorn? or perhaps, the illustrious Lochness Monster. See last point about Green, but if the two things that my culture was celebrated for was a trivial a color and a myth, I’d be pretty pissed.
  • Drinking – I enjoy a good excuse to drink just as much as anyone else, but again, we’re talking about a religious and cultural holiday here, not Spring Break 2008, not the 4th of July – a religious holiday celebrate the life and teachings of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland.
  • Guinness – I actually really enjoy Guinness. Subsequently, I despise those who only drink the beer on St. Patrick’s Day, as if imbibing a stout beer some how makes them better people.

Scariest Picture of Ryan Seacrest. Ever.

It is no secret that I love, love, love Men’s Magazines. In fact, I find their articles to be more appealing than Women’s magazines (more on that in a later post).

Ryan Seacrest is gracing the cover of Details, a favorite within my house.

Am I the only one that thinks he looks completely creepy?

Ryan Seacrest

Photo via Perez Hilton 

Urban Outfitters Opens in Brooklyn, Offends Black People

Urban Advertisment

Yesterday, the Gothamist shared some interesting news that Urban Outfitters was to be opening a new store in Brooklyn. The new outfit (heh), opening off Atlantic Avenue today, decided to go all guerrilla on their advertising and littered Southern Brooklyn with these nonsensical “flyers.”

Via the Gothamist:

“The mystifying amalgam of images, placed in some sort of elementary collage layout is presumably a representation of the borough. Many of the images look like they were cut out of a TV Guide circa 1984, and others, like the shot of Jay-Z has us wondering about legal repercussions. Or is Jay-Z the new face of Urban Outfitters? By the way, what’s Hova looking at? It would make sense to have his gaze fall reverently on Biggie, but it appears he actually has his eye on Lisa Bonet.

“The L-train logo is especially perplexing. Sure the L line reaches all the way out to Canarsie, but um… hate to tell you this guys, it doesn’t go anywhere near this part of Atlantic Avenue. There is a stop near the Domino Sugar Factory however, which you’ve got pictured here. But you won’t find any Urban Outfitters over there. Not yet anyway. And as reader points out, the cover of the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique album doesn’t make sense, since that was shot on Rivington in the Lower East Side – in Manhattan – unless they wanted to draw on No Sleep Till Brooklyn cred.”

We all know these people have enough money to do advertising the right way, and by right way, I don’t mean the American Apparel way.

A (small) Shout Out for John Irving

John Irving has not long been a favorite of mine, but has been among the favorite list since I picked up The World According to Garp a few years ago. Now, halfway through Hotel New Hampshire, I have to wonder how he consistently finds himself so inspired to write such delicately complex stories brimming full of dynamic characters.

If you haven’t already, and though its an American Classic from what I’ve been told, I highly recommend checking out The World According to Garp and Hotel New Hampshire, if you haven’t already.