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Champions of UnFancy

Foodies and fatties, rejoice!  A Sunday flea market featuring all things food, including:  Six Point Ales, Taza Chocolate, Cut Brooklyn.

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Anytime to be NoTime?

Just read in the Gothamist that rumors are afloat that Anytime might be on its way out.  I’ve never actually eaten there and have stayed away based on the reviews in Free Williamsburg.

Can anyone confirm?

At Least Now They’re Doing Something about the Problem

Courtesy of Media Dish:

NYPD Captain Says Black Men Have No Reason to be in Park Slope

It looks like the NYPD is prepared to protect Park Slope’s gentrification by any means necessary. Five NYPD cops have told the Daily News that they heard an NYPD captain give the order to “stop and frisk every black man” at the robbery plagued 7th Ave subway stop in Park Slope.

“The captain said the descriptions of the [suspects] vary a lot, so we were to stop all black males at the station, stop and frisk them because ‘they have no reason being there,'” said one white officer who was outraged by the command.

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Agora II

I’ve been seeing signs all over Willamsburg for Agora II – like most things New York, the fliers are obscure, intriguing and vague. Unfortunately, it’s rained every Saturday for the past several weeks. I’m hoping to check it out (weather permitting) in the next week or so.

From the main site:
“Inspired by the “agora,” the center of town or marketplace in ancient Greece, AGORA II investigates the role of public space in contemporary urban life. Performed beyond the theater walls, this work challenges the interactionss between public space, performance and audience. AGORA II is a continuation of the site-specific piece AGORA originally created and directed by Noémie Lafrance in 2005 in the abandoned McCarren Park pool in Brooklyn. It further explores treatments of the pool site combined with ideas of collectivity. Expressed as one large breath, AGORA II layers strokes of audience interactions around a core group of characters and cameo appearances by guest artists, creating a grand tableau – a city slice – a social experiment…”

Intrigued?? Check out this video.

Updates Galore!

It’s been quite a while since my last update.

But now that I don’t have one of those gross fulltime jobs, I have plenty of time to devote to more interesting efforts, like blogging and music and staying out too late.

Since my last post, I have relocated to Brooklyn (that’s in New York City for you folks in the Midwest)

I am without a job, living off my savings and still don’t know how to get from my stop on the L train to my apartment once the sun sets.


fear not!

I’ll find a job, maybe some money and definitely a sense of direction.

Onward and upward!!

Though the mass of boxes that have been occupying my apartment (rent free) have been keeping me more than busy, my initial impressions of NYC have been overwhelmingly positive. I haven’t spent much time on the other side of the river, but thus far Brooklyn’s treated this girl like a real lady.

Though I can say that I’ve had a bit of homesickness – I can come up with at least 3 reasons why NYC >>> DC:

3. The Sheer Abundance of Fashionistas(os)
I’m unsure as to whether or not it has to do with keeping up with the celebrities that live here or the exorbitantly high rents that make people so well dressed. This year, I’m wearing nothing but skinny jeans and slouchy boots.

2. The New York City Subway System
Its on time, it runs 24 hours a day, its reliable. I can say none of those things about Metro.

1. New Shows (ahem, The Presets)

I was going to devote an entire post to this, but decided not to because its definitely old news at this point. Last week, L. and I went to Galapagos to see the reformation, reincarnation of a favorite band of ours (Elkland), rebranded as Goat Explosion. After just barely making it through the first band’s attempt at synthesized, alt-country, twee – Goat Explosion went on, only to play four songs. Apparently, the lead singer couldn’t hear the bass in his monitor, the sound guys couldn’t fix it, and he decided to coerce the rest of the band to walk of stage. Angry, but unwilling to surrender, L. and I waited 45 minutes while the Presets set up – and we were not disappointed. Mixing distorted vocals; synthesized, genuine beats and a lot of natural energy, these guys delivered a hell of a show. Check out The Presets on MySpace

I’m sure that in the coming weeks, this list will exponentially grow from 3 to 300.

Stay tuned.