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Champions of UnFancy

Foodies and fatties, rejoice!  A Sunday flea market featuring all things food, including:  Six Point Ales, Taza Chocolate, Cut Brooklyn.

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This Weekend’s Best Bets, June 5

The weather’s finally started shaping up to make for some summertime merry making. Having a serious allergy to the cold weather, I often ask myself, “what the hell am I doing this far North?” But, alas, my questions are always answered in the first couple days of June.

One of the best parts of living in NYC is the ability to enjoy endless fun things over the weekends (and during the week) practically for free.

This weekend’s gameplan:

The Sex and the City Movieword on the street is that the writing is terrible, but the clothes are phenomenal. Full (though late) review to come.

The Big Apple BBQ Block Party– its no secret that I love me some barbecue.From the website: “14 of the nation’s top pitmasters wil showcase their unique, award-winning regional barbecue styles, including new additions from Virginia, California and Connecticut.” I’m most excited about sampling:

Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs

Los Angeles, CA
Beef Ribs & Cucumber,
Tomato Salad

Wilson’s Barbeque

Fairfield, CT
Texas Style Brisket & Coleslaw

Gnarls Barkley at Irving PlazaMySpace secret show. Starts at 9:40 – and its free!

And for good measure, here’s the kinda crazy video for Run :

Agora II

I’ve been seeing signs all over Willamsburg for Agora II – like most things New York, the fliers are obscure, intriguing and vague. Unfortunately, it’s rained every Saturday for the past several weeks. I’m hoping to check it out (weather permitting) in the next week or so.

From the main site:
“Inspired by the “agora,” the center of town or marketplace in ancient Greece, AGORA II investigates the role of public space in contemporary urban life. Performed beyond the theater walls, this work challenges the interactionss between public space, performance and audience. AGORA II is a continuation of the site-specific piece AGORA originally created and directed by Noémie Lafrance in 2005 in the abandoned McCarren Park pool in Brooklyn. It further explores treatments of the pool site combined with ideas of collectivity. Expressed as one large breath, AGORA II layers strokes of audience interactions around a core group of characters and cameo appearances by guest artists, creating a grand tableau – a city slice – a social experiment…”

Intrigued?? Check out this video.

Pretentious Street Art

I’m kind of sad that I missed Postsecret when it was in Georgetown (but, thank god, I have thier blog to keep me occupied in the meantime).

To replace Postsecret is WallSnatchers:

“Showcasing graffiti and street art from Boston, Florida, New York, and Washington DC. Curated by Kelly Towles. Featuring: Bask, Eon, Faile, fi5e, Mister Never, Nick Z, and Tes One.”

Location: 3307 M Street, Georgetown
Washington, DC 20007