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The Twilight Saga

I’m always a little wary when a film studio decides to remake one of my favorite books.  While some have been truly excellent (think Lord of the Rings, Fight Club or Lolita), so many have been so un-godly terrible (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen or worse, Lost in Translation).  I was a little wary when I heard that Maverick Films was remaking Twilight, one of my favorite contemporary young adult novels.

Even though I’ve forgiven whomever is responsible for this terrible Entertainment Weekly Cover, I’m still not sure how I feel about the teaser trailers that the studio’s released so far.

MTV has all of the trailers up on their page for the film.  You can check them out by clicking here.

This Weekend’s Best Bets, June 5

The weather’s finally started shaping up to make for some summertime merry making. Having a serious allergy to the cold weather, I often ask myself, “what the hell am I doing this far North?” But, alas, my questions are always answered in the first couple days of June.

One of the best parts of living in NYC is the ability to enjoy endless fun things over the weekends (and during the week) practically for free.

This weekend’s gameplan:

The Sex and the City Movieword on the street is that the writing is terrible, but the clothes are phenomenal. Full (though late) review to come.

The Big Apple BBQ Block Party– its no secret that I love me some barbecue.From the website: “14 of the nation’s top pitmasters wil showcase their unique, award-winning regional barbecue styles, including new additions from Virginia, California and Connecticut.” I’m most excited about sampling:

Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs

Los Angeles, CA
Beef Ribs & Cucumber,
Tomato Salad

Wilson’s Barbeque

Fairfield, CT
Texas Style Brisket & Coleslaw

Gnarls Barkley at Irving PlazaMySpace secret show. Starts at 9:40 – and its free!

And for good measure, here’s the kinda crazy video for Run :


I just watched the 300 trailer – which I believe just came out today, though I could be mistaken.

In addition to being one of the most visually stimulating trailers that I’ve seen all year (second only to The Fountain and The Science of Sleep) – the graphic novel from which it is based is excellent as well. I love the use of color – which reminds me of a less comicbookesque Sin City.

More screengrabs below:

Björk in her full splendor

Last night, when I went to see Night Watch with a coworker/friend, we caught the preview for Bjork’s new diggs, Drawing Restraing 9

I haven’t been able to find a trailer online, which is kind if disappointing, because the film looks visually stunning.

Directed and produced by the game guy that did The Cremaster Cycle (Matthew Barney)

Bjork will also be doing the soundtrack